07 Nov

God is working on me to find the greatest joy in the regular-est of people and places.  Lately, I've been physically hopping inside McDonalds to get my daily diet coke.  I stared doing this due to a desire for a crazy amount of ice, wanting to make sure I got it just right.  But oh how God has used that initial selfish desire to shape my experiences for His purpose. Each time I choose to walk into McDonalds instead of driving through, He blesses me with the sweetest encounters.  I've grown to love the folks behind the counter and enjoy the way they rib one another.  I've watched with admiration as a granny feeds her grandson her last fry.  I've marveled at the amount of sweat the hard working guys in thick soled boots can create, from their neck down to their trousers. Such respect in that sweat.  I've interacted with people from  all walks of life  and am so encouraged by the good ole folks that choose a cheeseburger for lunch, willing to share a smile, a story and place in line.  I've learned to bring a level of anticipation of what God might be up to inside.

Just today, it's raining, and I choose to wear my hair flat with a bobby pin.  I'm nothing special on a regular day, but today that's for sure the case.    I'm dodging rain drops, wiping my feet dry as I enter a McDonalds on the other side of town.  I look up and around to see what's happening when an employee wearing a bright pink hair net locks eyes with me.  "You look so pretty.", she genuinely delivers, catching me totally off guard.  I quickly reply, "Thank you so much, cause I just never know."  She smiles deep down, with the whitest of teeth, and turns on her heels to head back behind the counter. It dawns on me that I've been worrying a lot lately about my age, my lack of hipness and how I can be relevant for His kingdom when I don't seem to fit the mold of other folks making it happen. I've been comparing my short hair, short nails and less than fancy exterior to others who are, well, fancy.  But this sweet woman, dare I say wise woman,  reminded me that what is truly pretty begins with the heart.  She didn't notice my flat hair, lack of lip-gloss, or too tight turtleneck.  She saw my heart in anticipation of what God had in store.  That's what radiated on my face and that's what she found pretty.  How thankful I am she spoke truth to me.  How thankful I am that the Holy Spirit taught me a mighty lesson through her words.  

Ya'll.  Can I just say that there is wisdom in folks God allows in our paths each day.  There is blessing in going into the most usual of places in anticipation of what God has in store.  How many times have I missed His message, His encouragement, His truth and correction because I refuse to interact with random people in mundane places, because I choose to "drive through".   Today I'm encouraged more than ever to  lift my gaze.  To set my heart on anticipation.  To radiate His love and interest, on purpose.  And I'm excited to see what He orchestrates.  

Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; For You I wait all the day.    Psalm 25:5

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