Spending quite a bit of my time in the past couple of years pondering my place in the world, God's purpose in my life and how He is calling me to live out that purpose.   Lots of my prayers noted in my journal have included questions about me.  Worries about my life.  Grappling for what's mine.  Me, my and mine.  Three words that have gotten me off track for most of my life.  The bible refers to this self focus as pride and boy does it often have me by the collar.  I've had this long time dream of writing and teaching about God's word, like a deep down craving that has been a through line of passion for so long I can't name another dream I've had.  Much of my pondering, asking and preparing has all been with this end in mind, to write and teach His Word.  When Lord?  Why not now Lord?  How Lord?  How come she Lord? Am I gonna miss out Lord?  
Pouring out my heart in prayer, in my journal to Him, through digging in His word and talking to His people, God has slowly revealed a different lens in which He's called me to see.  He has gently pointed out my arrogance.  I wanted to write and teach about  His Word  on my timetable and in my way.  He has sweetly corrected my thoughts by bringing John 3:30 into view on multiple occasions (He must be become greater, I must become less).  He has used my time of study to illustrate through His Word the folks He chooses to use are humble, often invisible and for sure allow His light to shine, not their own.  
So as I begin this blog, which I feel nervously ill-equipped to do, my hope is for His truth, His love and His way to be all that is written and all that is read.  I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing what God has planned for this space, for His purpose.  
Stay tuned ya'll and bring a cart full of grace as I venture into this new territory with a heart full of Jesus and a desire for my eyes to be on Him alone.